This book is written from experience both professionally and personally. It is about breaking the cycle of domestic violence, to keep our children safe for the future.

As parents, we don’t know what we don’t know but go with what experience has taught us. I reflect on the SBS program from the National Geographic Documentary Films Diana in her own words. And I quote; ‘He wanted to try and have a home life of some sort, but he didn’t know how to do it. He had never been taught so the whole thing just evaporated.’

My vision is to make a difference, to give parents insights, educators an early intervention and prevention tool and children a voice.



If you or a loved one need assistance, help or emergency services involving a domestic violence situation, the author recommends you seek professional assistance immediately. Below is a list of resources and organisations available within Australia and specifically Queensland.


DV connect 24 hours

      Womens Line      

      Mens Line           


Lifeline Counselling  


Legal Aide  


Caboolture Domestic Violence Service   


Centrelink for emergency payment   


Gay and Lesbian Welfare Association   


Othilias Young Women’s Housing and Support   


Welfare Rights Centre   


Homeless line   



For Pets in Crisis 


Caxton Legal Centre  



1800 811 811

1800 600 636


131 114


1300 651 188

(07) 5498 9533

131 155

(07) 3017 1717

(07) 3847 9633

1800 358 511

(Men) 1800 474 753

(Women) 1800 474 753

(07) 3426 9999

(07) 3254 1811

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