Lesley is a wife, mother, nanny, teacher, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, civil celebrant and author. One of her very favourite sayings is that ‘one day when I grow I will decide what I want to do’ a colleague of hers when hearing this said; “she is just like a melted rainbow with all her careers merging into each other”, which they probably do. One thing Lesley is sure of is that she is on a journey of living the dream, which is how she looks at life.   


She believes there are no accidents and we meet the people who we are meant to meet when the time is right. Her journey with Ocean Reeve (Ocean Reeve Publishing) began after meeting another author in a local nail salon, an unlikely way to get in touch with a publisher but that is exactly how it began. Her  book had been written a year before, when she was selected to present at the Safe and Together Symposium in Florida (2016) but, like Linus and his blankey, she had just been carrying it around in her bag, complete with fingerprinted and scruffy edged pages, which had been turned so often with the dream (which is a wish that your heart makes (Cinderella) of; one day this book will be given a life.


Children have always been some of her best teachers, (both in the classroom and the family home) their honesty though sometimes confrontational has enabled her to reflect on life and learn from their lenses. But, children also have families who she has learned over many years (along with her personal experience) don’t always get the foundations on which to build a healthy secure future, which unfortunately can become generational, as none of us know what we don’t know. Lesley has been blessed to also work alongside some incredible clients who have trusted her, with their hearts and damaged souls; most of whom have wanted to break cycles and make a difference in the lives of their own children.


Her own family is blended, and has many branches and extended twigs that would give even the most avid family tree enthusiast a veritable nervy turn.Her family especially her husband Peter has travelled each and every millimetre with her and for that, she says “thank you, I love you all to the moon and back”.

© 2018 by Lesley McConnell.

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