Liking Yourself

Was thinking about life tonight and couldn’t help but reflect on my own practise. As a ‘newly published author’ (now that does have a nice vibe to it’.) I had a think about the dreaded ‘photography session’ DREADED being the operative word. How can one possibly look at a photo of oneself and think – ‘you little ripper’?

I know this is a little off the beaten track, but a butterfly flew past ……………carrying my thoughts along with her wings. So, if we can’t look at a photograph of ourselves and appreciate what we see, how can others? If we don’t like ourselves as people how can we teach our children to like themselves as well as respect and value us?

Today’s lesson (sorry it’s the teacher in me coming out) is about liking me as a person. I am a great person because……………..we are our children’s first teachers, so it’s about teaching them to love and appreciate themselves as the unique individuals that they are. keep.

Lesley McConnell - author of BLACK TEARS

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