Nurture; an environment where there is emotional and physical support, respect.

Back to the Oak Tree, now as luck would have it, trees that grow from a seed in the wild rely mainly on the kindness of Mother Nature and her ability to provide water and sunshine. Whilst this a basic for many (but unfortunately not all children have this basic necessity met, especially clean water) there is a lot of research to suggest that without nurturing, emotional attachment, physical cuddles, kind caring voices, children can fail to thrive.

I speak from experience when I say that unkind words, lack of respect, and lack of emotional nurturing can be as damaging if not more so than physical punishment. As a hypnotherapist I have learned that many of our adult issues come from our childhood. Until we reach puberty our mind has not critical factor so everything gets stored in our ‘subconscious mind’ (whose job is to keep us happy with the information it has been given). So, as a child if we are told “you are useless, you are stupid, you will never amount to anything” this becomes our ‘mantra’ per say.

As opposed to a child who is given ( all free from the heart) kindness, love, respect, support and physical safety to become an adult that is able to embrace the world happy and confident, empathetic, able to trust in others and respect them as fellow human beings.

Lesley McConnell - author of BLACK TEARS

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