Secure predictable base

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is a secure, predictable base. One of my very favourite life roadmap sayings, is “out of seeds mighty oak trees grow”. If we were to plant an oak tree in a hole that was too small it would topple as it would not have the space to spread its roots to grow to its greatness.

I believe this is also very true for our children. If they grow up in an environment that is predictable, they are then able to focus on life’s learnings, be it at school, learning to dance, or play footy. Children that don’t have that sense of belonging are like little ships bobbing around in the ocean without an anchor…………the main focus is to survive.

A secure predictable base for children comes from the heart. I remember seeing the film ET and how his little heart light would glow when he wanted to go home to his secure base, to his familiar, with boundaries that he knew, to those that understood him and his nuances and to those who loved him which in his case was to the ‘earth and back’. A secure base gives a foundation for children to be able to learn to spread their wings whilst at the same time knowing there is some-one there to catch them if they fall.

Lesley McConnell - author of BLACK TEARS

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